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Inner Ear Diseases and Their Treatment
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The inner ear is a highlycomplex, delicate organ put on double-sided which makes our audible and spatial bearing possible for us. Every weakening of this organ represents a serious and torturing health trouble for the persons concerned.
The inner ear houses two sense organs:

Identical to that emphasis organ in the labyrinth The organ of hearing in that Hearing cochlea.

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Acutes or chronic overloads of the hearing cochlea lead automatically to an excessive demands of the sense cells working in her (hearing cells). In the hearing cells, it then comes to an excessive demands and damage of the versch. cell organs, what for again a decrease in her total vitality leads. The cell suffers from a ATP lack.

The mitochondrionses are responsible in the cell for production from ATP
This transformation process comes about in the individual hearing cells of the hearing cochlea and can be represented very well with our contemporary biological knowledge. He is combined by Zellmem branfortsaetzen (tiny hairs) and other operating processes within the inner ear cell which use cell energy ATP with movements (e.g. the ion pumps of the cell membran).

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In the hearing cochlea is the transmitted sound charm over at first a highlycomplex included up to there via the tympanic membrane and the auditory ossicle concatenation (middle ear) mechanically (clay, noise) liquid system compacted and converted finally in one to the central nerve system transmitable Elektro physiological nerve charm.

The mitochondrionses are responsible in the cell for production from ATP

If the inner ear cells of the hearing cochlea have ATP on account of continuous excessive demands for little cell energy available, either a creeping slowly or a damage process of the total organ inserting acutely begins.

We have this as a illness of our organ of hearing creepingly beginning or inserting acutely:
as printing in the ear, as a acut hearing fall, acut ones or creepingly beginning tinnitus as hardness of hearing and so forth, as a hearing distortion.

The connection between organ discovery and the results of the listening tests is known the medicine for a long time (tear, Walkowiak, Zenner, Plinkert, Lehnhardt - the stato-audible organ, Duphar - Verlag, Hanover 1989). From the fact announce improvements in the hearing curves as we they after a highly proportioned laser therapy active lumen graze may provide, a real improvement in the biological situation in the inner ear at.


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